Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Menopawsal Myth

A tale of menopawsal proportions: And so it was during the time of Zeus that WOOFrodite found herself coming of age - middle age. In the throes of menopaws, she sensed her beauty betraying her. Her disposition souring. Her mind growing muddled and ... I forget what else.

She descended the mountaintop and ambled toward the sea determined to drown her troubles. Approaching the shoreline she came upon a group of women. Women who had befriended her as a young maiden. They, like WOOFfrodite, were panicked and perplexed. All averted their eyes upon seeing her.

WOOFrodite begged of them, "How might we continue to live like this?"

"Oh, could it be we have a right to live without our youth?" the women implored.

"Well, you know, that's a really good question." WOOFrodite sunk her heels into the sand. "I'm thinking the water's ice cold so that's no help. But wait, they've got fresh dark chocolate at the confectionary. Last one to the shop is a rotten goddess!"

I'm just saying, some of the beliefs surrounding menopaws make about as much sense as this silly story! I do, however, like the ending. Dark chocolate pretty much solves anything. And that ain't no lie.

The reality is some of us going through menopaws do notice changes in our emotional and physical wellbeing. But, like our little WOOFrodite, once we get over the shock that, yes, this is happening, we make a decision and take action to lessen the impact. And a sisterhood of women sharing the experience makes it just that much easier to do!

After all, the essence of who we are is not our menopawsal symptoms.

So, here's the plan. Let's remind each other that it's a myth we:

  1. Have to gain weight during menopaws. But if we do, we'll exercise and change our dietary habits.

  2. Automatically develop serious health problems. We'll get regular screenings and seek medical help if we become ill or have concerns.

  3. Have to be less productive. We'll volunteer, mentor and take up a hobby.

  4. Have to lose our mental facilities. We'll discover ways to keep our brain engaged!

  5. Have to lose our beauty. Age creates a beauty all its own. We'll embrace it!

So here's to getting real during midlife. For some of us it may be for the first time in our lives! That's okay, better late than never!

"Mind spinning? Mood swinging? Middle sagging? Get used to it! When you reach 50 shift happens. But, you're not alone, WOOFers to the rescue!"

Got any tips for menopawsal WOOFers? Leave a comment and enter a drawing for "Accentuate the Pawsitive" a WOOFers download guide to realigning your life!

Diana - aka - d.d. dawg

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Mary Cunningham is author of the award-winning, four-book ‘tween fantasy/mystery series Cynthia’s Attic (Quake) and two short stories Ghost Light, Christmas with Daisy, a Cynthia’s Attic Christmas story, and is co-author of WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty (Echelon Press). A member of the Georgia Reading Association and the Carrollton Creative Writers Club, she lives in the mountains of west Georgia.

Diana Black is the third author of the humor book WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty (Echelon Press). A published songwriter and cartoonist, her professional work also includes illustrating children’s books as well as graphic and cover design. Her project, Wendel Wordsworth: No Words for Wendel, a picture book, song and educational materials, is designed to encourage young readers. Black is a member of the SCBWI (Southern Breeze Chapter) and the Carrollton Creative Writers Club.

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Mary Cunningham said...

Haven't we all had these menoPAWsal moments? I'm using Wii Fit to fight off the extra holiday pounds! Hmmm...think they'll pay me a commission for all this advertising??

Thanks for hosting WOOF, Virtual Wordsmith!


Diana Black said...

WOOF! It's d.d. dawg here thanking Virtual Wordsmith for hosting the Women Only Over Fifty blog tour today!!