Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Choices... and the road less taken.

A friend/acquaintance of friends passed away yesterday morning. He was in his late fifties and he was a performer. He spent his life doing what he loved. His name is not likely one you'd know.

I could link to what his best friend posted in a blog, or to the write up in the local newspaper. I could even link to his website, but this really isn't about his personal details.

I've had many opportunities over the last few years to see the show. I was at the venue five times, two years ago. But, see, the thing is... the performance wasn't something I was particularly interested in at the time. I'd heard great things, but I thought nah, I'll get to it next time. Now, there is no next time.

I have a bad habit (as I suspect we all do) of thinking I have all the time in the world. There will always be tomorrow. Every few years, I'm snapped back to reality and reminded to DO IT NOW! whatever it is. The man whose life reminded me of this again did exactly that. The only moment that truly exists is the one we're experiencing right now.


Cate Gardner said...

Here, here. :)

Anonymous said...

Is this perhaps about Sir Snot? I read about his death in the paper today. I loved them performing at the Renaissance Festival.

VirtualWordsmith said...

The person in question is indeed Sir Snot, but the post is more about not taking a single moment for granted. :)

Anonymous said...

Great reminder!