Monday, February 2, 2009

Sometimes life can't help but take precedence...

I was really hoping to be blogging every weekday again, but a few things came up in the last two weeks that took precedence. However, today is a new day, beginning a new week, and a new month - so here I am.

I went to Barnes & Noble on Saturday looking for 2 specific books (and maybe a side of inspiration). Picked up Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott and The Writing Diet by Julia Cameron. I figured while I was there I'd grab The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, as well, since it just won the Newbery Medal.

One would think it would have its own spectacular display screaming "Here I am! Buy me!" But, no, not so much. I walked over to the information desk to ask about it. The had no copies in-store, but they had just placed an order for... 12.

Now, I know the award was a huge surprise, to the author himself, even. But, come on, the book has been hyped all over the 'net - and Neil went on a whirlwind tour, reading a chapter of the book at each stop. You'd think bookstores, and Target, and Walmart would have some copies on hand.

So, I'm rather dismayed to say that will most likely profit from my book buying dollar. I really wonder if there will be any brick-and-mortar bookstores around by 2015.

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