Thursday, March 10, 2011

SCOTTEVEST - Entirely Relevant

Here's something you may not know about me. I don't like carrying a purse. Typically, if the things I need to have with me won't fit in my jacket pockets, I do without them. As a matter of fact, there have been times I've tucked my cell phone into my bra (and, yes, it does tickle).

Of course, this means when buying outerwear, I'm on the lookout for pockets. If a jacket or coat doesn't have inner and/or outer pockets, I leave it on the rack. This is also problematic because I'm female. Apparently the fashion world doesn't appreciate pockets the way I do.

So, when I found out about Scottevest Travel Clothing, via Peter Shankman's blog, I had to know more. According to Scott Jordan, CEO and founder, "About ten years ago, I created SCOTTEVEST®/SeV to solve a very common problem: I needed a way to carry and organize all my gadgets and gear without a "man-purse."

I'm not a man, but I get where Scott is coming from. As a writer, I generally don't leave home without my cell phone, netbook, digital camera, a paper notebook and at least a mechanical pencil. Yes, I could carry all of this in a tote, but that doesn't leave my hands free if I have a kid with me. And like most women, I'm likely to misplace the bag - at least once.

This line of clothing is designed to allow you to carry your necessities on you. Lots and lots of pockets!

I don't own any of the Scottevest product line, yet. The one item I'm lusting after is the XAE - 10th Anniversary Edition Leather Jacket. It costs $450.00, but hey, aren't there leather purses that cost twice that much, with way fewer pockets?


Betty Craker Henderson said...

Wow, that is exactly what I need! I did find a pair of slacks and a jacket (blouse) long sleeved with lots of pockets in Magellan catalog (travel stuff) for $150. I snapped it up fast because I can carry lots of little stuff. But the pockets aren't big enough for pens and pads... unfortunately. DERN.

Saphrym said...

I own their hat and one of their hoodies. Love them! And that was before they revamped and made the clothing even better. I've got my eye on the vest because it can be used in the summertime also.