Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Books, gifts and snow... oh my!

Well, as I type this, it's snowing outside my window. Six inches fell over the course of the day Saturday, and we're expecting at least three more out of this clipper. You may be thinking "It's winter, of course there will be snow.", but winters haven't been particularly snowy around here for a few years now. It's looking as if it may be a truly white Christmas for 2007.

And, oh yes! Christmas! There are 20 shopping days left. I saw this today in an email from Barnes and Noble. If you have writer or avid reader friends, it may be something to consider. And I saw this mentioned on the Absolute Write Water Cooler forums. Pretty nifty, eh?

As for books, I wanted to mention I received an email, a month or so ago,from Dorothy Thompson at Pump Up Your Book Promotion. She wanted to know if I'd be interested in reviewing books for the Virtual Book Tours she arranges for authors. I, of course, said yes! So, some of the books I review I have the extreme good fortune to pick and choose from the authors she's working with, and some I find on my own.

When I review a book for Pump Up Your Book Promotion, I'll be linking to http://www.virtualbooktoursforauthors.blogspot.com/, so that you can read the other blogs hosting the authors/books. I'll also be interviewing Dorothy about Pump Up Your Book Promotion here, soon.

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