Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why I Love Twitter!

I am an information junkie. Infatuation with ideas is what keeps my heart beating. I also love humor. Make me laugh - deep down from the gut, side splitting, face cracking jocularity - and I'm yours forever (probably). Thanks to Twitter, I find myself constantly amused. Sort of like a 20 something male visiting a nude beach for the first time. Concurrently titillated, aroused, curious and mortified.

Some of the gems I've been exposed to, just today, follow...

I love Twitter because it's a never ending source of things that make me go "hmmmmmm". Once upon a time, I thought about starting a blog called Did You Ever Wonder? Twitter did this for me, in 140 characters or less. Now, that's MAGIC!

So, Twitter, heart it or hate it? And tell me why, please.

1 comment:

Abby said...

I heart it! A lot! It's very amusing, and it's a good way to subscribe to some of my blogger friends. And it's also fun to have conversations with myself.