Friday, March 14, 2008

Interview - Marianne Arkins, author of One Love For Liv

Today's 5 Q&A is with Marianne Arkins, author of One Love For Liv

1.) Who are you?
Marianne was born in California, met her husband in Colorado, got a puppy and got pregnant, then moved with the group of them to the frozen north of New Hampshire where her thin blood keeps her indoors six months of the year. It's the perfect scenario for writing! She has seven sweet, sassy stories with The Wild Rose Press, and has a novel, "One Love For Liv" from Samhain Publishing. Check out her website or blog for more information or to see what's going on inside her brain. If you dare.

2.) Have you always known you wanted to be a writer?
For the most part, I've always written, which isn't exactly the same thing as being a "writer". I toyed with the idea of publication as a teen, but didn't really take myself seriously until my early thirties. Still, writing was something I couldn't NOT do. If I wasn't writing stories, I wrote poetry or song lyrics, or even just my journal.

Maybe the question should have been, "Have you always known you wanted to be a published author?" My answer in that case would have been--No.

3.) Why did you choose the Romance genre?
I like to read happy things. Romance novels by definition are always happy. Additionally, I love LOVE. What makes two people click? How can they get past their differences and find a HEA? Nothing in society drives human beings as much as the search for love. Often, it's mixed up with sex, but love is what moves us. Why would I NOT want to write about it?

4.) How was it working with Samhain Publishing?
Working with Samhain has been a joy. My editor was wonderful, the staff was helpful and responsive and even the other authors are right there to help each other. They're very professional and they do everything in their power to help me be successful. I can't wait to work with them again!

5.) What's next?
I have a 20,000 word story coming out with The Wild Rose Press soon -- I'm proofreading the galley right now, so it should be out fairly soon. I have a short story (about 12,000 words) with Samhain, though my editor resigned and I'm being reassigned to someone new, so it's taking a bit of time. I have a mystery that I'm focusing on finishing -- I'm about three-quarters of the way through, and I have two other romantic comedies that are either done (and in need of going through revisions) or nearly done. Can't let the moss grow on me!

Thank you, Marianne.

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