Friday, October 5, 2007

Gifts from the universe

Every couple of years, about this time, my gardens have a surprise for me. Three years ago, after most of the gardens were killed off by frost, I found a white morning glory blooming in our pumpkin patch. No rhyme or reason to it being there, it just was.

Monday morning I looked out our back door and I thought I was seeing things. A clematis bloom was peeking out from our raspberry canes. Nothing really unusual about our clematis plant blooming, we planted them years ago. The thing is, clematis plants bloom in late May, early June, not October 1st.

Yesterday I glanced out back, and there were two more flowers. I had to get pictures, just to prove it was true. Expect the unexpected and take time to smell the roses, erm, clematises.


Talia said...

I love clematis. I have an evergreen hybrid variety with scented flowers

Anonymous said...

How beautiful. It's amazing how Nature often decides to give us a little pick me up with an unexpected bloom. And even better, it always seems to work.

Virginia Lee said...

Yay Mama Nature!

Those are glorious. What a lovely thing to run across unexpectedly.

Thanks so much for sharing these with us.

Marilyn Braun said...

Beautiful. I know nothing about flowers but it's wonderful when you get those kinds of surprises isn't it?

Unfortunately, when they start to bloom while it's still winter, it's another story... ;)