Thursday, October 18, 2007

MEA - Minnesota Education Association

My kids have today and tomorrow off from school because of MEA. I've heard about MEA for years now, but today took it upon myself to find out what it is the teachers do for the next two days. Here's the link, if you're interested.

The 2007 Education Minnesota Professional Conference

From what I read, MEA seems to me not much different than a Writer's Conference. A large group of education professionals get together to share information and network (and probably do a bit of kvetching about the little darlings they are trying to educate).

The interesting thing I discovered is that the conference is open to the public. I'm seriously thinking about going next year. I'd love to know what is happening regarding my children's education in this kind of forum. Who knows, I might learn something.

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Virginia Lee said...

Lynn, I think you and your kids would greatly benefit from attending such an event. You'd be able to see things from the other side, as it were. Also you might be able to ask questions in that environment that you wouldn't be able to somewhere else.

My mom taught in public schools in four or five different states through the years and one of her pet peeves was always the lack of involvement from parents. So go.

My two cents. :)