Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Book Review - The Last Jew Standing by Michael Simon

The Last Jew Standing: A Novel
Michael Simon
Viking Adult
ISBN # 978-0670063246

"Lieutenant Dan Reles has a new house, a wife, and a son, and a great career as head of Austin Homicide, but it’s funny how your past catches up with you. When Dan’s deadbeat father Ben Reles, a Mafia legbreaker who’s spent the last twenty years on the run, shows up on Dan’s doorstep with an escaped prostitute in tow, trouble is sure to follow."

The opening paragraphs of this book are amazing! Michael Simon hooks the reader from the first word and demands your attention until the very last page. I saw the entire story in my head as if I were watching one of the old black and white detective movies. You know, the ones where the door has the P.I.'s name etched into the frosted window glass, the door opens and some gorgeous dame walks in asking for help.

The Last Jew Standing reminded me of the old saying "Live fast, die young and leave a great looking corpse." - it's a fast paced, action packed piece of work. Fasten your seatbelts, it's gonna be a fantastic ride, oops, read!
(August 16, 2007, pp 304, $25.95)

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