Friday, November 2, 2007

Paid Reviews

From what I've been reading, there has been some controversy regarding paid reviews on blogs. I thought I'd talk about how and why I do book reviews.

For the record, I do NOT get paid to write book reviews. I usually receive an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) or a .pdf file. I read the book, I think about it for a day or so, and then I give my opinion. If I have a not-so-great opinion, I talk (via email) with the author and leave it up to them as to whether they want me to review it, or not.

I've been lucky. Most of the books I've read for review have been good, some very good. But, I am always honest. I do not give great reviews for a mediocre book. It smacks of false advertising, and I would be angry if someone did it to me.

I write book reviews because I love books. I read book reviews because I love books. Reading is like eating, sleeping and breathing to me. I don't know if I could live without books. I do the follow up interviews with the authors who have time, because I'm curious about the people who wrote the story.

So, all that having been said, it would be nice to make some money for the work I do. But, it won't be coming directly from reviewing books.

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