Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Interview - Sheila Roberts, author of On Strike for Christmas

Today's 5 Q&A is with Sheila Roberts, author of On Strike for Christmas

1.) Who are you?

I am a writer and a musician (played in bands for years, had a singing telegram company - if there was an unusual way to make money I found it). I am a happily married woman with a great family and very cool and fun friends. I love to dance, play volleyball, and have company over to play cards and crazy party games. And I love the holidays. I am the prototype for Joy in On Strike.

2.) What was the impetus behind the idea for On Strike for Christmas?

Actually, it was a naughty husband. My hubby was not showing the proper Christmas spirit one year so I threatened to put him in a book. He is the prototype for Bob Robertson, aka, Bob Humbug.

3.) Do you have a Christmas horror story? Forgot to turn on the oven, dropped the mashed potato bowl just before you got to the table, that sort of thing?

We have enjoyed many memorable Christmases. Probably the best one was when our car got stuck in second gear as we were leaving my brother's house on Christmas eve. We had to drive 25 miles at 20 miles an hour - every back road known to man. I was not a happy camper. I still had stuff to do!!! Anyway, we got home around two in the morning. It was the only year the kids slept in on Christmas Day.

4.) What will you be asking Santa to bring you this Christmas?

A healthy and happy new year for my family and friends. And, if there's room to fit it in the sack, I'd love a Wii game. I hear they've come out with a version of Dancing with the Stars. Sadly, gaming may be the closest I ever come to getting on the show. I really think they need an author on there, don't you?!

5.) What's next?

Look for my next book with St. Martin's Press, BIKINI SEASON, which will be out this coming May (2008). I should have an excerpt up on my website in January. Meanwhile, anyone who has read ON STRIKE FOR CHRISTMAS is welcome to pop on over to my website (www.sheilasplace.com) and enter the contest we've got going. Winner will get Godiva chocolates. So, that's probably it in a nutshell. Thanks again so much for having me. Happy holidays.

Thanks so much, Sheila!

If you'd like to know more about Sheila Roberts and her book, please visit Sheila's Place.

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Diana Holquist said...

Ah, Xmas traveling. Probably a car at 20 mph is faster than a plane, delayed six hours at O'Hare....

On my way to your website to win me some Godivas...