Friday, February 15, 2008

BIG NEWS and bedside table books

If you look over there to the top left in the side bar, you'll see a new button. If you click it, you'll end up visiting the site for my new business, Blog Stop Book Tours. I'll be hosting authors and setting up blog stops for their books to be reviewed. I've found some fantastic bloggers who are ready to read and review. I'm excited! So, check it out!

Bedside Table Books

  • Money and Manifesting by Dyan Garris
  • Kiss Me, I'm Single by Amanda Ford

Other than that, I have a busy day ahead of me, and another kid home from school. She'll probably need to be checked for Strep Throat. Apparently, there is a strain going around that doesn't present with a sore throat and fever. If there is any real noticeable symptom it's a belly ache. uggggghhhhhh.


Unknown said...

The Blog Stop Book Tour sounds like a great venture, I hope it's a smash success!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Sounds like an interesting niche. Will you also be slating podcast interviews?

VirtualWordsmith said...

If an author would like to have a podcast interview, that would be fantastic! So, yes. LOL