Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What would I do without you?

I spend a good chunk of my networking time at the Absolute Write Water Cooler. It's a forum for writers of all genres. I've learned so much from spending time reading in the Freelance Writers and Blogging threads. I'm forever grateful to my friends who have answered my questions and given support during my writing learning curve.

Imagine my distress the other day, when I clicked my bookmark for the site, and found myself staring at the "page not found" message. It surely had to be a server glitch, so I reloaded the page. Page... not... there.

Now, I spend an inordinate amount of time alone. I do not attend writers groups, I don't hang out in the library and the nearest Barnes and Noble is a half hour drive away. I count on being able to connect with my writer friends in a virtual medium. It's like the quilting bees of the old days. I grab my hot coffee, get comfy at my desk and absorb as much sage writing wisdom as my brain can handle.

I felt as if I'd been cut off from my dearest friends. Realizing that it wasn't the end of the world, I walked away from the computer and did other things for awhile. I have the email addresses of most of the people I talk to, and their blog URLs. I wouldn't be completely cut off even if the site entirely ceased to exist.

Later on, I clicked the bookmark again and everything was there, exactly the way it should be. Phew! The experience confirmed for me what I've suspected all along. Friendship and support are not based solely on geographical proximity. Communication is the key to building relationships, whether business or personal.

So, thank you so much my friends at AW. I value and appreciate you.

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