Tuesday, April 22, 2008

AW April blog chain

I signed up to be part of the Absolute Write April blog chain. The theme is beginnings, but this is the last post in the chain, so it's an ending, too.

I've experienced a lot of beginnings in my life - three (yes, that's right)marriages, three children, jobs, friendships, love affairs and seasons. For me, every morning I wake up is a new beginning. What will today hold for me?

The thing is, I'm much more comfortable with the middle of things. When I start a new venture, I'm always thinking to myself "All of this newness will be worth it a few months from now." No matter what I'm starting new, there is almost always a learning curve, and it always requires a burst of focus and energy.

That having been said, I will be experiencing a huge beginning, and simultaneously, an ending on May 31st. That's the day my daughter graduates. I can remember the moment the doctor put her in my arms. I was just 20 years old. She was beautiful and I was frightened. I expect I will feel much the same when she receives her diploma. Her graduation is the beginning of her life as an adult, and the beginning of my life seeing her as a woman.

And so ends the chain.

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FreshHell said...

I was thinking about this theme today in terms of beginning a new job. I prefer the middle part. I don't like starting a new job and having to orient myself to not only the details of the job but learning names, where the bathrooms are, what the culture is, etc. I like the comfort of the middle. Ends aren't always bad, if the next beginning is a new and better job and not unemployment.

Anonymous said...

What freshhell said. And sometimes ends are good -- ending bad habits or ending illness. The other things about beginnings and endings is that they usually feel more out of my control than the middles. The middles give me the illusion of being a master of my own fate.

Anonymous said...

My CURRENT new beginning is networking, and I am FREAKED out. :)

Anonymous said...

The diploma is only the beginning!

Anonymous said...

Didn't realize we were at the end already. Poly, why you freaked out? (Of course, as I type such a comment it doesn't make much sense, as she's not likely to re-read these comments.)

Polenth said...

Yay for graduation! Though I tend to see things like that more as a continuation, as no one suddenly becomes an adult. It's a slow sort of thing, over many years.

colbymarshall said...

Hear it from a a gal that graduated college not too terribly long ago and has since gotten married and moved back to her hometown--so she can be close to her family again: she'll always be your baby. Always.

Anonymous said...

I live in NY and my parents are in Puerto Rico. Whether they are near or far, I need them in my life.

Anonymous said...
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