Thursday, April 10, 2008

Book Review - Freelance Copywriting for Work At Home Moms and Dads

Book Review
by Erika-Marie S. Geiss
Freelance Writer

The two-disk set Freelance Copywriting for Work At Home Moms and Dads is part of the critically acclaimed Bob Bly's Copywriting Success and Freelance Writing program. It is a casual yet professional discussion with Diana Huff, a 10-year veteran as a B2B professional copywriter. Bly and Huff discuss how to be a successful freelance professional as a WAHM.

Dianna Huff has done what many parents dream of doing—transitioning from a corporate career to achieve a better work-life balance—and has done it successfully. Through her personal story, Bly and Huff discuss such pivotal topics as:

  • Understanding why you want to work from home and if you are really cut out to do it
  • Treating your freelance career as a business
  • The key financial mistakes that many WAHMs make and how to avoid them
  • The essential steps for setting up your business
  • Identifying how you work and when you work best
  • Maintaining personal and professional boundaries
  • Managing your time and filtering out distractions
  • Marketing yourself and your business
  • Understanding why "School is never out for the pro."
  • Advantages to working from home and working around some of the pitfalls and through the challenges
  • Negotiating feelings of guilt that many WAHMs have

A real slice of life
While on the telephone interview with Mr. Bly, Ms. Huff has bread in the oven and dogs to tend while her 10-year-old son is at school. While interruptions during the interview are minimal, save for having to quiet the barking dogs and sign for a package that the mail carrier has delivered, Huff and Bly give a realistic glimpse into the life of a WAHM. For established WAHMs who listen to Freelance Copywriting for Work At Home Moms and Dads, they will recognize the scene and will gain valuable information, insight and advice for how to take their freelance business to the next level. For women considering becoming WAHMs (because they want a change in their life-work balance, or because they are planning a family) the audio book will put them ahead of the game by learning what to do, what not to do and how to prepare adequately not only for the life of a work-at-home professional, but of WAHMs specifically.

Huff is candid and frank about the realities of work-at-home life and what is necessary to truly make it work. Both Bly and Huff also share resources that they have found to be pivotal in their respective careers, and present an informative and educational program that is easy to listen to, understand, and for many WAHMs, will be easy to relate to.

If time is money and investing in your business and your education are keys to business success, Freelance Copywriting for Work At Home Moms and Dads is worth every moment and every penny. Freelance Copywriting for Work At Home Moms and Dads is a resource that no freelancer, person who works from home or is considering working from home should be without.

Freelance Copywriting for Work At Home Moms and Dads
(CTC Publishing, 2008)
by Bob Bly with Dianna Huff

Available at:

Two disk set:
Disk 1: 56 minutes
Disk 2: 56 minutes
Cost: $97.00 (USD)


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Thanks Mary, for the guest blogging spot. :)

I hope that anyone who reads the comment posted before this one realizes the difference between Mr. Bly's audio book and the services listed in the comment. One is legitimate, sound information from real business leaders. The other isn't.

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