Friday, April 25, 2008

Murphy is a... what?

Today will be distracted, with smatterings of momentary focus. Watch for the environment to clear in about 48 hours.

The kids have today off from school. And, it's raining. And, the weather dudes are predicting snow flurries late tonight into tomorrow morning. Does anyone happen to know Murphy? And if they do, could they deliver a message to him for me? Message as follows...

"You're NOT funny!"

I think today will be a cross between Betty Crocker/Martha Stewart and what my friend Jenn refers to as an "artist's date" (stepping away from writing to recharge creativity). I'll make chocolate chip cookies with the youngest boy. I'll clean up the paperwork in my office. I'll read some more of Percy Jackson (The Lightning Thief), which is the only book on my bedside table today.

Tomorrow is another day.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully the weather will clear up soon! We had almost 80 a couple of days this week followed by 30s and 40s. Mother Nature is playing cruel tricks on us this year!

If you get a moment, I tagged you. Hope you don't mind.