Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Great loves

Beside my love of words, I have two other passions. One is cooking, the other is music. I'll listen to anything once, and if it grabs me, I must have it available to hear - again and again.

I think I've mentioned before that our house is small. We don't really have room for a good stereo with huge speakers. Up until yesterday, my music sources were mediocre to piss poor for sound quality.

We were at Sam's Club yesterday morning, and I just happened to look over my shoulder at the electronics section. Right there, in front of my eyes, were Bose speakers that looked like the ones that come with a computer. And then, I saw the price tag - $69.00.

Those speakers practically jumped off the shelf and into the cart. I think I bounced in my seat all the way home in anticipation of hooking them up. I hooked everything up and turned them on.

I was in heaven! No hissing, no distortion, great bass, fantastic sound!

I'm considering the purchase as a business expense, mostly because I do my best work to tunes cranked up loud. I'm a very happy girl!

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