Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Whatever works for you...

I mentioned last week that my husband is building me a corner office unit. I am totally ecstatic about this, for many reasons - not the least of which is once it's installed, my work life will be much more efficient.

As my business grows, I'm spending more and more time at my desk. My desk is about five years old (a cheapy we picked up at Target), and it's beginning to be a bit wobbly. The pull out drawer for the keyboard bit it a while ago, so I have no work space for actual writing with pen and paper, because my keyboard is on the desk.

The shelves above my desk are not within easy reach. I have to stand up to retrieve anything from them. The bookcase I'll have in a week or so will allow me to have my planner and binder within grabbing reach while sitting.

My laptop computer will have a nook in the office unit, as well. As it stands, I only use the laptop sporadically, because the stand it sits on is too low for my chair. I usually go to the living room with it, and it's literally sitting on my lap.

Everyone is unique in their workspace layout preferences. Whatever works for you, works for you!

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