Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Late in the day...

A few things I've been thinking about today.

1.) People speed up and down our side street all day long. There are at least eight elementary school kids who play together in the evening here. This is a known fact. I hold my breath every time a car goes by.

2.) I am waiting to hear back from an editor about a piece I wrote months ago, and was supposed to be published in the March issue of their publication. No word yet.

3.) Why is it so hard for some people to practice common courtesies? Like when plans change, let the people involved know they've changed.

4.) It's been grey and cloudy here most of the day. The older I get, the harder overcast weather is on me. If the sun is shining, I am productive. It it isn't, all of my work seems to take me forever.

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