Monday, August 20, 2007

Book Review - It's Like That by Cheryl Robinson

It's Like That
Cheryl Robinson
ISBN # 978-0451217462

Winona and Porter have every reason to get married, but secrets keep getting in the way of their commitment. Neither one of them is ready to be completely honest with the other. Fear of the unknown continually paralyzes both of them. The odds of a happily-ever-after life aren't exactly stacked in their favor.

It's Like That illustrates everyday life in extraordinary ways. Fear and insecurity keep many of us from taking the steps to get what we want and need. Winona and Porter work through the obstacles (his family, her health, their exes and children) together, pushing toward a common goal - marriage. Cheryl Robinson writes with clarity and conviction, showing us that with faith, truth and love, life has a way of coming full circle.
(January 3, 2006, pp 300, $13.95)

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