Friday, August 17, 2007

Staying organized...or trying to

I live in a very small house with five other people (husband and four kids). About a year ago, we decided to go minimalist. You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff six people can accumulate over time.

In the spirit of minimalism, I've tried to become more organized. Through that attempt, I've become very picky about what I want in my line of sight. I'm extemely drawn to wood grains, flowers and words. The view from my desk is no longer a cluttered mess, as you can see from the picture above.

And yes, I have 2 calendars. One is for my love of flowers, the other for my love of nature's rhythm. I don't actually write on either of these calendars, they are purely for my viewing pleasure. I have a planner and a PDA for recording appointments.

Speaking of PDAs and planners, which leads me to cell phones and digital cameras (technology, as it were), I was constantly misplacing the cords to my gadgets. To save time and frustration, I wrote the corresponding gadget's name on a small address label and folded it around the end of the cord. Then I folded the cord up and secured it with a twist tie. The cords now live in a clear plastic, hinged shoebox on my bookcase.

My bookcases have very specific shelves. One is for my writing reference books (no other books are allowed). Another for magazines, and several for fiction works. The smallest, shortest shelf contains music and office supplies. Anything I don't want the kids to walk off with is placed on the highest shelves - about six feet up.

With the kids heading back to school in two weeks, we'll all be pitching in to get things cleaned up and organized. Fall housecleaning begins tomorrow, as a matter of fact. Hopefully by Labor Day weekend, minimalism will be in full effect.

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April said...

Oh, organization and decluttering. My favourite topics. I am actually speanding today cleaning the apt. And there are only 2 of us here and I know how much junk people can accumulate. It's unbelievable. And as much as I get rid of and don't bring new things in, it's always seems like there is more to get rid of. Good luck :) It sounds like you're doing great!