Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Interview - Anne Frasier, author of Pale Immortal

Today's "5 Q&A" is with Anne Frasier, author of Pale Immortal.

1.) Who are you?

Anne Frasier has been recognized with numerous awards including the RITA and Daphne du Maurier for romantic suspense. Publishers Weekly says Frasier “has perfected the art of making a reader’s skin crawl.” The Minneapolis Star Tribune calls her a “master.” She’s been published since1988, and her books have been printed in over a dozen languages in hardcover, trade, and paperback. Frasier lives in Minneapolis/St. Paul where she is working on her twentieth novel.

2.) What books are on your bedside table?

Fodor’s Sweden
Minnesota’s State Parks
North Florida and the Florida Panhandle
60 Hike Within 60 Miles of the Twin Cities
Inventing the Truth
Running with Scissors
The Road

3.) What do you like me to do in your "spare" time?

Well, you can probably guess from the above list that I like to hike and travel. :D I also like to take pictures of cemeteries and cemetery statuary.

4.) How much fun was/is it to write about the Pale Immortal?

I LOVED writing about Tuonela and the Pale Immortal. It was sad to let go of that world and move on. I think when you create a fictional setting, the story and setting becomes much more real and more personal than something set in a real place. If that makes any sense.

5.) What's next?

I’m working on something completely different – a creative nonfiction novel. This is a story I’ve wanted to tell for years, and the time suddenly seemed right. I hope to have it finished in about eight months to a year. After that I’ll submit it. I usually sign a contract then write the book, but since this is so different and such a book of the heart I wanted to write it without the pressure of a deadline. But it will mean I won’t have another book out for a long time.

Thanks so much, Anne!

Pale Immortal is available at bookstores and online. Watch for Anne's new book, Garden of Darkness, coming in December! For more information about Anne Frasier, visit her website at

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