Monday, August 6, 2007

Book Review - The Other Mother

The Other Mother
Gwendolen Gross
Shaye Areheart Books
ISBN # 978-0307352927

When Amanda moves into Thea’s neighborhood, both women have hopes of commonality and friendship. But when disaster strikes Amanda’s house, Thea opens her home and her heart, only to discover the one thing they truly have in common is the love they have for their children.

Thea is a bright, capable stay at home mom of three, and Amanda works as a children’s book editor and is a brand new mother of one. The two mothers have very different philosophies regarding parenting and life. Thea can’t understand why Amanda works when she doesn’t have to, and Amanda wonders why Thea can’t see there is more to life than being a mom. All they really want is to be friends, but insecurity and jealousy drive a wedge between them.

Gwendolen Gross has beautifully represented the backbiting that goes on among women today. Breast vs. bottle, work out of the home vs. stay at home, daycare vs. homecare – the list of differing opinion is endless. The bottom line is mothers love their children and crave the support of their community (family and friends). With a lot more encouragement and support, and a lot less gossip and guilt, mothers would be much happier, no matter their life choices.
(August 7, 2007, 320 pp, $23.00)

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Thank you for sharing this. I have added it to my "must read" book list.