Thursday, August 16, 2007

Too Conscientious?

Back in grade school, I was the kid who studied and studied and studied some more, took the test, and then worried until the paper was put in my hand with an A written across the top. I think some of us are just born that way.

When I tripped over an assignment (more because of who I know than what I know in this case), I wanted to be sure I did a good job. I wrote it to the editor's specifications, submitted it 6 days early - with photos, even. And then I waited, and waited, and worried and waited. I was under the mistaken impression that if an editor liked the piece you submitted, they would let you know. Not so much in this case.

I've been walking around with a knot in my stomach for the last two days wondering if I did something wrong, if the email didn't go through, or some horrible thing had occurred to prevent publication. I found out this morning - a full week after emailing the article - that, yes, the editor will be running the piece in the October issue and on the corresponding web site.

So, don't assume just because you don't hear from the editor that your writing won't see print.

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