Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Book Review - Wannabe a Writer? by Jane Wenham-Jones

Wannabe a Writer?
Jane Wenham-Jones
Accent Books
ISBN # 978-1905170814

When you sit down to read Wannabe a Writer? make sure you have a highlighter and some sticky notes, time to really read and, just for good measure, a spot of tea. There are things here you'll want to refer back to, such as what BICHOK stands for and how to avoid "Writer's Bottom". Chock full of insider information from authors, agents and publishers, you'll find yourself highlighting anecdotes and quotations, and bookmarking pages as you go.

This book is informative, but it's also funny. I laughed out loud at the chapter titled "A Room of One's Own" and ended up reading it to my husband, mostly so he'd know I'm not really insane. My husband is not a writer, and even he chuckled at what I'd read to him.

Reading Wannabe a Writer? is like sitting down with one of your best friends - who happens to be a bestselling author - and picking his/her brain about how he/she did it. All of the frustrations and foibles, secrets and strokes of good luck, and what worked and what didn't. You'll be inspired, entertained and you'll find yourself smirking or maybe even laughing right out loud!
(October 15, 2007, pp 320, $17.99)

Wannabe a Writer? is available for pre-order at For more information, check out Jane's website at

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