Saturday, September 29, 2007

AW Blogchain #11

I was part of the Absolute Write Blogchain #10 a few weeks back, and I just found out I get to kick off #11. The last post in #10 was by Virginia Lee, AW Blogchain #10 -- The End is the Beginning. In that post she talked about re-evaluating and new beginnings.

It is with a feeling of coincidence that I start this chain. I took a break from cleaning and re-organizing kitchen cabinets to check email and sat down to blog. You see, I've been cleaning and organizing, and re-organizing my home this past week. My husband has been on vacation, and while the kids have been at school, we've been taking care of things that need to be done.

I always feel better when my living space is uncluttered. I can find things more quickly, put things away faster and waking up to a clean, open space is a fantastic way to begin each morning.

We have made a list of projects to accomplish before Thanksgiving. A couple of ceiling fans will be installed(kitchen and bedroom), a power strip will be mounted in the kitchen(much needed source of electricity near the largest countertop), a shoe rack will be built and cubbies installed in our stairwell. We've packed, pitched and/or given away anything that takes up space, but was found to be lacking function.

Autumn is when I typically celebrate my New Year. The kids go back to school and things slow down. I have time to think about my goals, our goals and things that need to be done or changed. My husband and I set goals for the coming year now.

So, even though nature is beginning to ready itself for rest, I am readying myself for my busy season. The time when I have time - to write, to think, to be.

Let's see what the next blogger has to add.

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Virginia Lee said...

Enjoy your new year, Lynn. May you write well and write many pages.

Jim Melvin said...

I so love it when things are uncluttered. I'm very good at cleaning, but no so good at keeping things lean. I need to work on the latter.

Jim Melvin said...

Sorry, the keyboard on my mac is acting up and leaving out random letters. Make that "not so good" and "keeping things clean."

Sam said...

I think that if my space were suddenly uncluttered, I'd go into shock. I can't fathom trying to write, and not being surrounded by mounds of paper.

'Though, this time of year, it would be nice if all of those mounds were orange. ;)

Shauna Magill said...

You know, I have found the same thing in my life. In the Autumn months I feel more alive and new. It's the time when I get a lot of writing done and I make so many new goals. It's also the time of year that I complete a lot of my goals from earlier in the year.

The best of luck with your goals for the coming season!

Kappa no He said...

Yes yes! Something about that cool nip in the air makes me feel as if I'm waking up after a too-long, too-sweltering, too-slow summer. I think I'm going to make some cleaning goals as well. Great idea!

Kathleen Frassrand said...

I am working on uncluttering my life. I still have so much further to go, but with each load of garbage I drop off at GoodWill I feel the anxiety dropping away. It is simply blissful. Great post. :-)

Gillian said...

I'm doing similar things (well, I'm sorting books and spices) and I blame Spring. One of us is in the wrong hemisphere.

Harbormaster said...

Thanks for participating in Blogchain No 11. It sounds like you have had a wave of productivity there and have had some time to reflect. A little quiet time is always welcome. Good luck in the new year!