Monday, September 17, 2007

Virtual Book Tour

Book signings have long been a way to promote your book and connect with your fans. The time and travel involved in a book tour can drain your reserves, though, both monetarily and physically.

If you want to get out there and market your latest work, connect with your fans and get immediate feedback, maybe a Virtual Book Tour is for you. Over at Dorothy Thompson's blog, Book Marketing Buzz, you can find some great information about how a Virtual Book Tour works.

In a nut shell, a Virtual Book Tour involves bloggers reading and reviewing your book, you making yourself available for interview questions, and you stopping by to comment or answer questions from the blogger's readers. It's also nice if you link from your blog (if you have one) to the blogger who reviewed your book or interviewed you.

A Virtual Book Tour connects you with many more readers, who feel like they know more about you and who will talk about you and your book.

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