Friday, December 14, 2007

Bedside Table Books

Well, it's Friday. Wait, where did the week go?!

My plan for the weekend is to get caught up on reading. I have a stack of magazines to get through, and two books to read for review.

The books on my bedside table are as follows...

  • Blogging Heroes - Michael A. Banks
  • Bad Girls Club - Judy Gregorson
  • His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman
  • Eclipse - Stephenie Meyer

I hope to finish Blogging Heroes tonight, and His Dark Materials tomorrow morning. I expect six more books to trickle in via USPS over the next week or so. There will be book reviews and author interviews every week through March 1, 2008. At least, that's what is scheduled so far.


political wife said...

Yes, where did the week go? It has just flown by...and as I type that I just realized that it means our blog blitz is almost over. :( Poop. Much success to you getting through your reading list. :)

Thursday said...

His Dark Materials on this weekend's to do list for me, as well. I want to re-read them before I see the movie, and The Golden Compass looks like it'll be fantastic on the big screen. I need to get cracking on my reading.