Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Book Review - The Sky's Not Falling!: Why It's Ok to Chill About Global Warming by Holly Fretwell

The Sky's Not Falling!: Why It's Ok to Chill About Global Warming
Holly Fretwell
World Ahead Publishing
ISBN # 978-0976726944

"You've heard the claims that the earth is warming up because of cars, light bulbs, factories and the many other wonders that human ingenuity has created. But is it really true?

Sure, our planet is changing, but it has before and will again. There's lots more to the climate change story than you may have heard! Can we really adapt to a changing world in ways that help animals and the environment while keeping people working and countries growing strong? Of course we can!"

Holly Fretwell has provided an excellent resource for kids who may be frightened by what they're hearing through various forms of media about Global Warming. If your children aren't at an age to read the book themselves, read it to them. It's a superb conversation-starter!
(September 18, 2007, pp 128, $17.95)

Holly is on virtual book tour now. To read what other people are saying, click here.


MRasey said...

Interesting. I suppose it's good to put a positive spin on it for kids, but even if what we're experiencing is normal, it's still going to be a significant change by scientists' predictions. It's going to be one heck of a normal event.


Cheryl said...

Nice review! This sounds like an interesting book. My girls and I will probably read it together so I can see their reactions to it too.

Best of luck with the tour Holly.


Jim Melvin said...

I'm way over on the liberal side, so the Al Gores of the world resonate with me. But you've obviously backed up what you say with a wealth of information, so I'll have to check it out.

Kate Boddie said...

Definately NOT something I'm going to read, sorry. With a record high temperature in October and record warmth last winter and summers past, it's kind of hard to refute the fact that the climate is changing, and that's just on a local level. Is Earth on a natural warming and cooling trend? Of course, no one's denying that one but it's a matter of how much overpopulation is contributing to that notion. I think it's doing a disservice to the youth of the world to tell them that "it's not really that bad" and it's not really us that's hurting the planet. We may not be able to stop a natural change but to turn a blind eye to the notion that we're helping it along is just wrong.

I'm not knocking the writing, obviously, as I've never read the book, I just vehemently disagree with the stance. I'm more apt to take the side of the 100-something scientists from all over the world that unanimously agreed that we're contributing to global warming and if we don't curb our emissions, we're going to be neck deep a lot sooner than expected, as reported by MSNBC. And, well, anything that foxnews.com comments on as being "truthful" I find laughable at best. That's not to say the book isn't based in fact but it's kind of hard for me to take anything Fox News says seriously.

Sorry, not my piece of pie, obviously.

VirtualWordsmith said...

When I was approached to review the book, my kneejerk reaction was to say no. But, then I thought about it, and I decided to read it to see what Holly had to say.

I don't agree with everything in it, but it was certainly thought provoking. And it got my kids asking questions about what they CAN do to take care of the Earth so that it's still here for their kids and grandkids.

Everyone is certainly entitled to decide what they will and won't read.

political wife said...

Great post. Seems like a good book to read. There is truth to climate change--both the historical cycle of the Earth and whatever we in the post-industrialized world are doing to the planet as we pollute; but so much has been made of our "moral imperative" as both groups like the NRDC and even Speaker Pelosi said last week during her address before the House vote on the Climate Change bill ammendments, and the hype and scare tactics used by the IPCC and the media. It's good to have an understanding of the different angles of the issue and the different stories behind climate change. Several climatologists have even reversed their initial claims that we were causing global warming, but still there seems to be a concensus that the pollution that we and other nations that are trying to become industrialized are creating need to be significantly addressed and reduced in order to not "tip" the scales any further.

ooh.. sorry to hijack. I write about energy issues, so it's a hot button topic for me. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, I must say that I fall squarely on the liberal side of the fence. That is not to say that I think both sides are completely truthful. I really think that (as in so many contentious issues) both sides are skewing the facts to make their stance more outrageous than it is. BUT... I do believe that we are causing a great deal of global warming, and that our pollution causes many of the maladies that affect our bodies. When the liberals shout from the rooftops about global warming, I think (hope?) that it is enacting change. It takes a great deal of momentum to change people's minds and to get them on board with saving the environment. Sometimes that means that you have to shout and be outrageous.

Without reading the book and knowing exactly how she portrays global warming, I can't really say if I *approve*. But I do think that anyone who takes a "no big deal" stance is doing a disservice to the progress of protecting the environment. "No big deal" takes the pressure off, and stops government and industry from trying to find reasonable alternatives and answers.

Ed Wyrd said...

Its a breath of fresh air to see someone with different perspective on this issue instead of being force fed all the panic by the Chicken Littles out there.