Thursday, December 13, 2007

One Writer's Wish List

So my father-in-law called the other day to ask me about the kids' wish lists for Christmas. We discussed many options - from electronics to gift cards to (gasp!) books.

And then the dreaded question came, "What would the mommy like for Christmas?" I get terribly uncomfortable when people ask me this. For some reason, it feels like begging, even though I know it's not.

As I was sitting here drinking my coffee this morning, reading through the new issue of Writer's Digest, I realized I can be an absolute dunce sometimes. I should have said my subscription to a writing magazine I love is about to expire, I'd love to have it renewed. I should have said a giftcard to Walmart so that I can buy new ink cartridges for my printer. I should have said lots of things to fund and/or support my habit,

Along with every thing else I'm keeping track of these days, I'm going to start a file in Word entitled My Writing Wish List. As I find things I'd like to have, but aren't affordable or an immediate need, I'll add them to the list. Then, when someone asks what I'd like for my birthday or Christmas, I'll have answers right away.

And in case you're wondering, I told my father-in-law I'd like a gift card to Barnes and Noble. (A girl's got to have fun sometimes.)


Anonymous said...

*laughs* Hey, it's what I do. Semi-sweet or dark chocolate, sambal oelik, and various books are perpetually on my wish list. Can't get the first three, and book selection here is terrible.

It's a good idea. Run with it. :)

Elrena said...

I have a similar wish list -- I put it up on Amazon. Paper, ink, books about writing, etc...that way, when people ask what I want I can just say "Oh, I have an Amazon list!" and then I don't feel so much like I'm begging. :)

And you can put gift cards on the wish list, always a bonus....

political wife said...

I too am always baffled when it comes to gift-giving time, about how to answer for myself. It's not that there aren't things that I'd want, it's just that most of them are either things I'd rather purchase myself because I know exactly what I need or they're too "mundane" like ink, pens, reams and reams of paper...for people to seriously consider as a gift. This year, I've been telling people to take what they'd spend on me and make a donation to a worthy cause, like the Komen foundation. Feh...this is why this time of year drives me nuts, people get so focused on presents and not the meaning of the season. Feh.

Marilyn Braun said...

Yes I always feel strange when people ask me what I want - I've started a list but I also have mixed feelings about it too. I think it's lazy. There's no originality or surprise in getting what you've asked for. Where's the creativity and thought?