Monday, December 24, 2007

Book Review - Christine Kringle by Lynn Brittney

Christine Kringle
Lynn Brittney
BookSurge Publishing
ISBN # 978-1419675546

“I think that people really carry the Christmas spirit in their hearts all year round and all they need is an excuse to bring it out. It’s a shame that Christmas only happens once a year, because it would be nice if people were happy, kind and thoughtful every day. But, sometimes, life gets in the way, and people get down and frustrated. So, we should never ban the one time in the year when we can guarantee a good feeling, should we?”
-- Christine Kringle

Christine Kringle is an imaginative new twist on Santa Claus and his family. In learning about Santa, Mrs. Claus and their daughter, Christine, you'll also learn about Christmas traditions in other countries. Did you know that the Santa of Italy travels by Ferrari? Lynn Brittney has taken a little artistic license here, but the book is absolutely magical!

I received it a little too late this year, but next December, I'll be reading it out loud to my children.
(October 3, 2007, pp 180, $13.99)

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