Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Book Review - Blogging Heroes by Michael A. Banks

Blogging Heroes
Michael A. Banks
ISBN # 978-0470197394

"They've gained a loyal following that continues to grow. They write about everything from business trends and the inner workings at Microsoft to parenting tips, personal secrets, and prolonging the life of your vehicle. They're passionate about their subjects and about the free expression of blogging. And they're even more passionate about being passionate.

They are thirty of the nation's most successful bloggers, and their stories and secrets — in their own words — fill these pages."

Bloggers interviewed in Blogging Heroes include:

  • Steve Garfield
  • Grant Robertson
  • Victor Agreda
  • Mark Frauenfelder
  • Eric T.
  • Robert Scoble
  • Richard MacManus
  • Gary Lee
  • Deidre Woollard
  • Rebecca Lieb
  • Steve Rubel
  • Scott McNulty
  • Gina Trapani
  • Mary Jo Foley
  • Brad Hill
  • Philipp Lenssen
  • Chris Grant
  • Kristin Darguzas
  • Brian Lam
  • Joel Comm
  • Peter Rojas
  • Mike Masnick
  • Deborah Petersen
  • Ken Fisher
  • John Neff
  • Frank Warren
  • Dave Rothman
  • Dave Taylor
  • Ina Steiner
  • Chris Anderson

    If you're wondering what goes on inside the minds of America's most successful bloggers, this is the book to read. You'll find out why they began blogging, what they discovered along the way and why they continue to blog. Michael asks terrific questions and in return receives superb, insightful answers.
    (December 10, 2007, pp 320, $24.99)


Anonymous said...

Just picked up Blogging Heroes. Pretty interesting to read about all of those powerful bloggers.

There are some very interesting heavy-weight bloggers out there that have been doing it before it was even called "blogging."

What was your favorite chapter?

Zed Guy said...

I read this book too about a year and a half back. I liked the format of the book: open-ended questions and then let the interviewee just talk about how they got started. Fun read.

Link: http://www.yyztech.ca/reviews/book/blogging-heroes-interviews-with-30-of-the-worlds-top-bloggers