Monday, January 28, 2008

Review - Silent Prisoner, by Amanda Young

Silent Prisoner
Amanda Young
Booksurge Publishing
ISBN # 978-1419668951

Silent Prisoner is a tough read. It perfectly illustrates the victim mentality (fear, shame, pain and ridicule) of a child who has grown up abused. If you've ever wondered "Why does she tolerate being treated that way?" - a graphic picture emerges here, painted in broad but clear brush strokes by Amanda Young.
(November 6, 2007, pp 498, $19.99)


Amanda Young said...

Thank you so very much for your wonderful review. You have no idea how difficult it was writing 'Silent Prisoner' and going draft after draft. But I feel that through knowledge of what a woman or man goes through will help raise awareness which will lead to compassion and changes in the laws to better help protect the victims.

Thank you so much.

Amanda Young

Cheryl said...

Great review! As Amanda has said, hopefully this book will help others and make an impact on how the law handles cases such as these.