Friday, January 4, 2008

Inseparable and The Wild Rose Press

I entered a contest a few weeks back. Jan McDaniel, author of Inseparable, published by The Wild Rose Press, was holding a drawing at her blog. If I won, I'd receive a copy of her book, a small Yankee candle and a Wild Rose Press t-shirt. Turns out, I was the chosen winner. Yeah, me!

When the package arrived, I added the book to my to-be-read pile, thinking I'd get to it eventually. I ended up reading it over the weekend, and it was really, really good! It's part love story, part paranormal and highly entertaining. Jan has a beautiful writing voice.

I've read a few other things published by Wild Rose Press, and I would recommend checking out their website and their authors. Don't let the fact that the genre is romance fool you. There are some fantastic authors who happen to enjoy writing romance.


Unknown said...

(Blogger keeps eating the comments I'm making. If this pops up twice - sorry!!)

I love surprises like these! This has happened to me a few times and, when the very first book arrived, that's actually what got me into book reviewing. :)

Virginia Lee said...

Yay! It's so much fun to win random things! I won a pair of some basketball players designer sneakers from Nutella a few years ago. How random is that!

Congrats, Lynn!

And seriously, I'm loving the shelf widget. I'm totally stealing that idea for tomorrow's post. :D