Friday, January 11, 2008


Back in the old days, people would take their wagons or buggies out for a Sunday drive. They would drop by to see their neighbors. If the neighbors weren't home, the visitors would leave a calling card. Calling cards were the precursor to business cards. I discovered, yesterday, that there is a web version of the calling/business card now.

According to, " Entrecard is the first and only free exchange network for 125x125 ads. Through this revolutionary platform, you can advertise your own 125x125 Entrecard on any blog in the network, for free, for a number of days.

You pay for this advertising with Entrecard Credits, that you earn for free by networking (a.k.a. visiting blogs and dropping your card for other bloggers)."

I signed up yesterday afternoon, and saw an immediate jump in traffic to my blog. Plus, I was introduced to new and great looking blogs I never would have found on my own.

Check it out, and drop me a card.


Unknown said...

Tag! You're it! (check my blog for more details!)

Patricia said...

Enjoyed your blog. I'd like to invite you to visit mine and to let you know that I am available to be interviewed at your blogsite.

Thanks for your consideration,
Patricia Fry, President
SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network) (for more about me).