Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oh, really?

Saturday, I was standing in the book section at Target, trying to hunt down a title. There was a young woman looking intently at the bottom shelf at books by Philippa Gregory. She sighed and said, sort of under her breath, "I don't know which one was released first."

I picked up a copy to see if there was a list in the front of the book, but there wasn't. She said she'd have to look it up at Google. I volunteered that I review books on my blog. She looked at me and said "Oh? Really? So do I."

It seems to me that even with all the articles out there about the art of reading dying a slow death, I run into readers all over the place. And not only readers, but people who LOVE books, enough to share their thoughts and opinions about them with the entire world.

Hmmmm...something to ponder, I suppose.

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Unknown said...

I wish I ran into more readers, to be honest. The problem with me, though, is I'm in a small town that I rarely venture from (gas prices). So, if I'm at the gas station or post office, there isn't much room for the discussion of common interests. This town is growing (though, rather slowly), so the arts and cultures will be present someday. :)