Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Holiday Hangover

I'm sitting at my desk, the sun is just starting to show itself, and I have instrumental music playing in the background. I think I can actually hear myself think. You guessed it, the kids are back to school and the husband is back to work.

I learned something over the last week or so - I need to invest in a laptop computer. With four 'net savvy children, computer time was at a premium over the Christmas break. I've been doing some research and found two different models that would work nicely. I'll be watching to see when the cost dips below $400.00.

In the meantime, between now and the last week of March (kids' next school break), I'll be busting my behind to get work done while the kids are at school. It's a New Year and I intend to make money in 2008!

1 comment:

Ella said...

I love my laptop. Especially in the summer when I want to be outside, but I also need to write. I have the same intention this year!
Good Luck!!