Tuesday, July 10, 2007

But that's not all...

As mentioned in my previous post, the morning was taken up with a road trip to the very edge of Iowa. Within an hour of arriving home, I was industriously working away at the computer again.

I created a group on MySpace - Freelance Writer WAHMoms -because there were no other groups quite that focused. I added 5 different topics to the forums, and a bulletin announcing this blog. Then I clicked over to CafeMom to catch up on some writing groups there and let them know about this blog, as well.

Tomorrow morning, barring any unforeseen driving or unruly misbehaved 5 year olds, I will set to writing a query letter to the editors at Redbook Magazine. You see, I think I have the next great feature article and I want to be sure they have first dibs. (WINK!)

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