Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stuff and such...

Well, yesterday was a busy day around here. First, we discovered our shower is lacking water pressure. The husband will be trying to fix it today. Then, I spent most of the morning reading the next book I'll be reviewing. The one thing I can say about it right now is "FANTASTIC!" - look for the review right here on Monday morning.

The afternoon was used up talking marketing strategy with a friend of mine. She has an innate talent for marketing and PR. She'll be guest blogging here from time to time.

And just to top it all off, my youngest kiddo got stung 3 times last evening. He was trying to throw away his Gatorade bottle in our neighbor's outdoor trash can. I guess the wasps hanging around the can didn't like being disturbed. No allergic reaction, but his arm really hurt.

Today and tomorrow I'll be reading another book(research for an article due to the editor on August 17th), about raising Bumblebees. The irony in this is I am afraid of any insect that stings, a phobia begun when I was four years old, and was stung by, you guessed it, a Bumblebee.

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